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The "Quick Die Change" system developed by Forwell Precision Machinery Co. Ltd. in Changhua, Taiwan, is designed to enable workers to quickly change molds and to change molds with high efficiency. Speed, precise precision and reliable safety. In "Fuwei Precision Machinery Co., Ltd.", we not only do it, but also require R&D to innovate more, more efficient and safer, just to let Your mold is faster and safer when you are working.

Forwell Precision Machinery Co. Ltd.|Forwell Company|High Quality Quick Mold Change, Punch Changeover System, Automated Machinery supplier/manufacturer

In 1999, Forwell Precision Machinery Co. Ltd. established a China office in mainland China and officially entered the hot war market in mainland China. After more than 20 years of struggle, it has laid a solid foundation for brand reputation. Forwell Precision Machinery Co. Ltd. will continue to adhere to the corporate belief of “best quality products for customers” in the future. QU die die change, Quick Mold Mhange, mold cart, press machine, injection molding, mold cart system, quick mould change clamps, piercing plate unit, fine piercing system, die clamp, quick die change clamps, shuttle mold-carts, mold carts, quick mold clamps, quick change mold clamps, mold change, mold clamping solutions, die carts, die lifting carts, mold handling" and other products for innovative re-engineering, continue to develop the best automated mechanical products, And provide high quality after-sales service to every customer.

Products Catagories
Products Catagories
TY-BS Die Clamp
  • TY-B Die Clamp

For a closer look at the exact dimensions of the TY-B series die clamps please see the following diagram and table.

Model TY-2BS TY-4BS TY-6BS TY-10BS
A 15 25 25 25
B 50 50 83 115
C 27 35 40 55
MIN.E 59 85 94 105
F 104 141 144 171
G 28 40 44 50
MIN.M 130 171 176 221
J 22 25 29.5 28
K 85 120 133 165
L 107 145 162.5 193
N 10 10 11 11
MIN.S 27 32 40 53
P M10x25L screw M16x40L screw M16x40L screw M20x50L screw

* Clamps with a dimension greater than Max.h+D are also optionally available.
* Specify T-slot dimensions (A.B.C.D) and clamping height (H) when ordering.
* Clamping strokes and extra strokes are for standard models; custom strokes available on request.

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